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 A lot of Change!

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PostSubject: A lot of Change!   A lot of Change! Icon_minitimeSat Oct 06, 2007 10:55 pm

If you didn't see we are going through a lot of change!

First Off I need to tell you guys that we got a new Admin! That would be me! Also we got two new mods! Kckelly and Kant Sbell! Please Congratulate them!

Next I am in the Middle of Looking for a new Trainee Mod! So Keep Active!

Also New smiles! Hope you Like them! Also the old smileys are still here but just click the little arrow above them and click Random smileys to see them!

The Last thing is that you will see a lot of change happing here! New layout and graphics! So Please Stay active to see all these awesome updates!


A lot of Change! 347780

A lot of Change! Sigmr7

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A lot of Change!
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